Family History Research - Passion & Addiction

Hi, my name is Gary Jones. I created this site so that I might be able to share my family history research with others. My research began in 1993 and, as most serious genealogists know, it's both a "passion & an addiction!" We can't pass a cemetery without wondering if a deceased relative might be lurking under one of the headstones! Friends refer to my hobby as "looking for dead people" or "diggin' for dirt." It is just a beginning, so be patient. I intend to add new information and share resources frequently, so come back from time to time to check things out.

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2007 bike trip to mom's hometown, Watertown, Wisconsin (population 22,000) - Taken in front of Mullen's Dairy (best malted milks in the U.S.) on a very hot July afternoon! A tour of the Trek factory (where the frames are made) in Waterloo, just 15 miles from mom's hometown was a highlight of the 3,300 mile round-trip. Saw all the bicycles that Lance Armstrong rode to win his record breaking seven Tour de France victories! Also, in the factory museum are the bicycles Greg Lemond rode to win his three Tour de France victories. Upon returning I had to buy the first 2008 Trek Madone 5.2 in Central New York - won't be vacationing very far from home next year!

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